Discover all the advantages of porcelain stoneware


The Sintesi porcelain stoneware combines proposals with prestigious and contemporary aesthetics and practical and easy to maintain proposals. The Sintesi products have always been synonymous with reliability, affordability and excellent allies to define the style of your home. Follow our tips to maximise your floors and walls.

Why choose Sintesi floors and walls

The Sintesi tiles offer solutions that are versatile, easy to clean and are suitable for residential and commercial environments. Learning about the advantages of porcelain stoneware will help you to make the right choice given the needs of your spaces. Every place requires specific solutions. What characteristics should an outdoor floor have? What is the best installation solution? Why choose porcelain stoneware? How should you clean the flooring after installation? Finding out the answers to these and many other questions will help you to make an informed choice for your floors and walls.

Sustainability that lasts over time

Porcelain stoneware is attentive to environmental sustainability and is completely recyclable.
It is a durable material and its characteristics and appearance do not change with the passing of time.

Made in Italy Ceramics

The entire production cycle is developed in Italy at our factories using latest generation technologies.


Installation and maintenance

To correctly use our flooring and wall products, it is necessary to bear in mind what the place of use will be. It is also extremely important to follow a few rules of maintenance and cleaning to keep the beautiful appearance of the flooring unchanged over time.
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Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware flooring is practical and stable and can be installed in any type of setting, allowing continuity between indoor and outdoor. It is highly resistant, does not deform, does not freeze and is resistant to the most aggressive chemicals.
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Twenty installation and maintenance

The Twenty high performance porcelain stoneware is the definitive solution that eliminates all problems related to traditional outdoor flooring: it remains unchanged over time, is resistant to sunlight, to frost and to staining substances.
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