Installation and maintenance


To correctly use our flooring and wall products, it is necessary to bear in mind, in addition to the laboratory tests, what the place of use will be. The choice of tiles must therefore be the result of in-depth analysis.

The PEI value can be consulted in the general Sintesi catalogue which indicates one of the five wear groups with which Sintesi has classified its glazed porcelain stoneware considering the European EN standards, the results of the tests to which the products have been submitted in the company in-house research laboratory and the experience acquired over the many years of use of our materials.

Again it is possible to consult, in the general Sintesi catalogue, the floor tile classification tables for wear resistance and slip resistance category with shod feet.

It is also extremely important to follow a few rules of maintenance and cleaning to keep the beautiful appearance of the flooring unchanged over time. It is therefore very important to use doormats of adequate size and in the most appropriate places in order to eliminate abrasive agents before they come into contact with the floors.

In addition, during and after installation of the flooring during the period of construction site activity it is important to remove abrasive agents from the flooring either through cleaning or through protection elements.

All the flooring products of our catalogue are highly greified. For this reason, the usual immersion in water that normally precedes installation, is not required. It can however be performed quickly to remove from the back of the tile the level of dust that could prevent its correct adhesion.

If the laying surface is large, expansion joints must be arranged at a distance of approximately 4 meters from each other. Immediately after installation, it is necessary to carefully clean the flooring paying particular attention when the grouting of the joints coloured.


Mass-coloured porcelain stoneware and glazed porcelain stoneware, similarly to natural products, require careful maintenance.
To best maintain the appearance and original characteristics of the product, we recommend that you follow these general guidelines:

a) do not leave dirt stains on the floor for too long but instead try to remove them as soon as possible;
b) for best cleaning results, it is advisable to treat each type of stain with a specific detergent. We have shown in the table the main instructions for cleaning and the type of dirt, reported to us by our laboratories.

For particularly stubborn stains it is advisable to let the detergent work for prolonged periods of 4-8-12 hours.
For the cleaning and maintenance of its floors, Sintesi recommends “FILA” products and systems.


Maintenance for the Sintesi porcelain stoneware is particularly simple.
Firstly, it is necessary to make sure that, after installation, the floor has been correctly cleaned and does not show any signs of lime, concrete or other residues.

To prevent any acid-based product used for the first cleaning from affecting the cement-based filling of the joints, it is necessary, before cleaning, to wet the floor so that the joints are impregnated and therefore protected from the corrosive action of the acid itself.
If the initial cleaning must be performed after the floor has been used, it is advisable, before treating the acid product, to remove any presence of greasy or similar substances with dedicated detergents.

After cleaning, the floor must be rinsed thoroughly, then collecting the residual water.

Maximum caution is advised in the use of chemical products.
Carefully follow the instructions for use envisaged for each product.



Sintesi porcelain stoneware combines proposals with refined, contemporary aesthetics and practical, easy-care proposals. Sintesi products have always been synonymous with reliability, good value for money and excellent allies for defining the style of your home.
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